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Monday, 4 November 2013

"World may be round but it certaintly have its own angle"

"Don't fly too high because you'll get hurt if you fall"

My Energy Pill

Sometimes when life gets hard,
I will need my energy pill to keep me alive for another day.

Somehow when I found you,
I rarely need my energy pill lately.

Seeing you just gave me another reason to live for another day.

This might be a very cheesy word but I still want to say it out loud;

My dear, you are my energy pill.

I dont need your word neither your speech nor your agreement towards me.

I just need your presence.
Just a mere presence will do.

To give me energy that will last for me to survive for another day.

For you my dear;

Thanks for being there, I can see tomorrow now.


Friday, 25 October 2013

I'm staying!

Why is it that I want to stay if I'm hurt all the time?



This is my reasons,
I am loyal to you.
I am loving you.
My life meant to be with you.

So here is my saying,
No matter how far you push me,
Yet I 'm staying.
No matter how hurt I am,
Yet I'm staying.
And until you ask me to leave,
I am staying!


My Friend's getting married

My friend's getting married what do I do?
Attend it

My friend's getting married what should I say?

My friend's getting married how do I feel?
Extremely happy

There's a hint of happiness everywhere, bridal shower, presents, bride and groom.

I am happy for them.
My eternal happiness have not yet here.
Lucky you, yours is now here.
I am happy for you.
My friend's getting married and I will,
Attend it to say congrats and with and extremely happy face I will shout 'I am happy for you'.


Happiness far, Not yet to be reach.

I try not to cry even tears at the verge of the eyes.
I try to laugh even the smile itself full of awkwardness.
I try to hide but until when.
Tomorrow still come and today still leave.
I hate the feeling of helplessness.
I hate the feeling of losing to failure.
No matter how hard I try the victory still far from me.
Life leads me to a difficult path.
Full of pain.
Full of sorrow.
Never a cloud nine.
I still walk when running is a little hard.
I still went through it although I dont even see what is in front of me.
I still move on as long as the time do not stop.
I met another difficulties along my way.
But still life asked me to keep going.
Heart told me to keep believing.
I can stop if I want to but I chose to not to.
Because as long as there is tomorrow I still have the hope.
In life, the amount of happiness and sadness are equal.
When the happiness comes hopefully there is no more sadness following it.
Happiness might be far away but at least I have already encounter all the sadness.